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Group and Personal Training in Beacon, NY


ZONED Fitness is the first personal training studio in Beacon, NY to offer HEART RATE BASED TRAINING and the unique ZONED TRAINING METHOD.

It's the ultimate training program, no matter your goal or fitness level.

*Heart rate monitoring is optional but recommended when participating in training services at ZONED.

Heart Rate Based Training

Heart rate based training will not only add excitement to your fitness, but it's a proven tool which ensures you are putting enough effort into your training.  Taking the guesswork out of your workouts.  Click here to learn more about our heart rate training.

ZONED Training Method

The ZONED Training Method (ZTM) was developed by ZONED Fitness [and Hudson Valley Fitness] over the past 14 years to give all ability levels a safe and progressive fitness program.  The ZTM focuses on exercises and routines which a member will perform.  Within those exercises and routines, the heart rate training tool is used to give immediate feedback as to when it's appropriate to advance to the next zone.


Maureen C

"I absolutely love my time at ZONED.  I feel like it's my second family."


Kathy S

"I've had a lot of experience with classes and personal trainers and Keith is by far, one of the best."


Mike M

"I can enthusiastically say that this is the best program I have ever been involved with and can easily see myself sticking with this for years to come."


Karen D

"I have lost 15 lbs since I started and just reached my goal weight.  I have become stronger, more energetic and don't have as many aches and pains as before."

Benefiting the I AM BEACON Making A Difference Scholarship

Jan 2 - Feb 28

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Total Body Transformation


What does it mean to be ZONED?  It means you are committed to exercise, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.  It means when you combine these individualized (ZONED) elements, you will achieve your total body transformation.

See who's getting ZONED

ZONED Training


Lets get you ZONED!  At ZONED Fitness we offer two training programs to choose from, GX (group training) and PT (personal training).  Since we are not a traditional gym, we do not offer gym memberships.

ZONED Eating


Based on your fitness goal, proper nutrition will likely need to be achieved for success.  The ZONED Eating program is about making necessary changes and better choices, not solely counting numbers or trying to follow a predetermined meal plan. Lets keep it simple!

ZONED Living


Fitness training...check


What else is there?  A lot!  Regular exercise and proper nutrition is crucial, but to be ZONED you need to go further.  Your goal should be to live a fitness lifestyle each and every day, lessening the chance you'll sabotage your efforts in the gym and kitchen.


ZONED Fitness is located at 490 Main Street in Beacon, New York.  On the east end of Main Street, one block from The Roundhouse.



(845) 214-0350

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