10 Minute Home Fitness Plan


Are you struggling to find time to workout?

Finding time to exercise is one of the biggest hurdles we all face, but it's more of an excuse than a real obstacle.

If you truly can't find 30, 45 or 60 minutes in a day, three to four times a week, how about 10 minutes?  Can you honestly say you don't have an extra 10 minutes each day?

Of course you have 10 minutes to workout!

Many of our clients have been faced with the problem of how to exercise when they are not training with us when their days are completely filled with work, family, commuting and more.

Our solution is always, something is better than nothing.  Ten minutes of exercise not only keeps our clients moving forward, but continues to produce results.

ZONED Fitness would like to share a 10 minute fitness plan for use at home in your spare time.  Equipment needed is limited to a dumbbell or two and maybe a jump rope, but you can still participate if you don't have either.

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