A unique event to help you focus on fitness in 2018

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Quick Details

Who:  Open to all ZONED class members and personal training clients.  Non-members can also participate (see below).

What:  A fitness challenge using MYZONE® MEPs (effort points) which levels the playing field for all participants. Weight loss, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, etc will not be tracked or judged, but will improve with regular MEP accumulation.

This challenge is based strictly on your exercise effort.  Prizes are awarded to the top MEP earners and all finishers.

Additionally there's the challenge within the challenge -  "Compete with Keith".  Anyone that beats Keith's MEP total for the NYNY Challenge will receive 10% off their next class purchase or $50 off their next personal training package of at least 10 sessions.

When:  January 2nd through February 28th

Where:  Everywhere, including ZONED Fitness

How:  In order to participate you must own and use a MZ-3 activity tracker and download their app. The MZ-3 tracks your exercise effort based on your fitness level. Learn more below.


Benefit:  The New Year New You Challenge will benefit the I AM BEACON Making A Difference Scholarship which helps graduating Beacon High School seniors.  Participants will receive information on how to receive donations from sponsors for their efforts before the start of the challenge.

The participant that raises the most funds for the scholarship will receive a free month of unlimited classes or three free personal training sessions.

The participant that raises the second most funds for the scholarship will receive 50% off one month of classes or two free personal training sessions.

Participants and sponsors can donate in two ways:

1) Use the button below to securely make a donation through PayPal. If sponsoring a participant, you will submit their name after making the donation.

Raised as 2/7: $545.00


2) Make a check payable to I AM BEACON and send to ZONED Fitness or give to the participant you are sponsoring.  Enter participant's name in the check memo.

More Details

At ZONED Fitness, we use heart rate monitored training to ensure our members are putting in enough effort while training at the studio and when exercising on their own.


Our training uses technology from MYZONE®, which includes their chest strap heart rate monitor (MZ-3 belt) and app.  An element of the MYZONE tool is called MEPs or Myzone Effort Points.

MEPs are awarded for each minute that someone is in certain heart rate zones.  Heart rate zones refer to the percentage of estimated maximum heart rate.  This is calculated using an individual's age.  Below you can see the MEPs awarded for each minute in each zone.


For this challenge, only points earned in the green, yellow and red zones will count towards the two month total.  So, even though you will earn grey and blue points in your day to day workouts, only those from 70% and higher will be tallied in the challenge.

Every qualifying MEP earned from January 2nd through February 28th will be calculated in real time for all participants to see.  When the challenge comes to an end, the individuals with the highest totals will win prizes.

Here's the beauty of this challenge

This challenge is scored based on effort, not results.  Of course, the goal is always to achieve results and earning enough MEPs will get you there.

Using MEPs as a scoring tool creates a level playing field for all participants, whether just getting started or a lifelong athlete.

Here's how:

An individual that is just getting started with exercise will easily be elevated into the green, yellow and red heart rate training zones with less effort.  Participating in low intensity exercise will produce a high number of MEPs for these individuals.

On the other end of the spectrum, individuals that are in excellent shape will find it difficult to reach and maintain higher heart rate training zones.  Participation in regular, high intensity exercise will be required to earn MEPs for these individuals.

Ready to join the challenge?

Here's how you can participate in the New Year New You Challenge.

ZONED Fitness Members:

If you own a MZ-3 belt through ZONED, simply go to your app and click on the Challenges button, then select New Year New You Challenge.  Don't have a belt yet?  Get one.



Not a member of ZONED Fitness?  You have three options.  Instructions will be given when you pick up your MZ-3 belt at ZONED Fitness (will not be shipped).

1) Join ZONED Fitness by enrolling in at least a 5 class per month membership and purchase the MZ-3 belt.

2) Purchase the MZ-3 belt through ZONED Fitness at a non-member rate.  Become a ZONED@HOME member to receive ZONED workouts to do at home.

3) You can also purchase the MZ-3 belt at a non-member rate and utilize your current fitness program.

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