At Zoned Fitness, all fitness levels are welcome to participate in our classes thanks to our unique Zoned Training Method.  The ZTM provides easy-to-understand instruction whether you are just getting started or you want to push yourself as far as possible.

Every class is presented with a simple, color coded list of exercise progressions and modifications to not only ensure you train at your appropriate level, but to know when it's time to advance.


Zoned classes include HIT, Boot Camp, Strength, Core, Stretching and Pop Up.  Additional fitness classes such as kickboxing and boxing are in the works.



ZONED HIT (High Intensity Training) - Are you looking to push your limits?  Then attend a zoned HIT class!  Expect full body strength and endurance training geared to elevate your aerobic level.

Boot Camp

ZONED Boot Camp - A traditional full body strength and aerobic training class.  Classes are not designed to be as intense as HIT, but you will have the options to push yourself as far as you'd like.  Some days the focus will be strength training, others will be aerobic, and many will feature a steady dose of both.


ZONED Strength - Time to slow things down and pick things up!  Depending on your zoned options, you may isolate upper body, isolate lower body or perform full body strength training.  Recording your progress is highly encouraged.


ZONED Core - A half hour class solely focused on training your core (not just abs).  Having a strong core is having a strong foundation.  A strong foundation will enhance your ability to function in training and in life.  Usually found in Pop Up classes.


ZONED Stretching - Tight?  You're not alone.  Tight muscles can lead to joint imbalances, discomfort or possible injury.  Join us to not only receive a good stretch, but learn how to stretch on your own.  We use the ZTM to focus on stretches that will benefit your specific needs (why stretch your hamstrings if they're not tight?). Usually found in Pop Up classes.

Pop Up

ZONED Pop Up - The excitement of surprise!  When possible and available, Zoned Fitness will announce a Pop Up class.  Regularly scheduled for Saturdays at 7am.  This class can be anything and is not limited to the classes on the schedule.


Class Schedule

ZONED Fitness currently uses a 2-week rotating schedule to give members variety from week to week..  After week 2 is complete, the schedule returns to week 1.  The week of Nov 6th is week #1.

(open) means the class is a two-hour block in which members can arrive anytime in the first hour and complete the daily workout before the end of the second hour.  This allows for a little more flexibility when attending classes on Monday and Fridays.

All members are asked to use our MINDBODY software to register for any class they plan on attending.  Classes showing no registrations may be canceled for that day without notice (especially 6am Wed and 7am Sat).


+ Saturday's 7am class must receive online registrations before 6PM that Friday or it will be canceled for that week.

Week 1 Schedule: Nov 6th, 20th, Dec 4th, 18th, Jan 1st, 15th, 29th

Week 2 Schedule: Nov 13th, 27th, Dec 11th, 25th, Jan 8th, 22th


Class Enrollment Packages

There are three class packages to choose from.  Each expires 30 DAYS FROM PURCHASE, so select what you'll use.  Purchased classes do not extend beyond expiration, no exceptions.  Discounted commitment packages of two and three months are available.  Packages can be purchased below or at Zoned Fitness.  All members will receive a MINDBODY account through which they can sign up for classes and monitor their package usage.

Want to try a few classes before committing or schedule a private consultation to discuss your participation?  Scroll down to fill out the trial or consultation form below.

5 Classes / $80 (best if attending one class per week)

Two month commitment / 10 classes / $144 (save 10%)

Three month commitment / 15 classes / $204 (save 15%)

10 Classes / $120 (best if attending two classes per week)

Two month commitment / 20 classes / $216 (save 10%)

Three month commitment / 30 classes / $306 (save 15%)

Unlimited Classes / $150 (best if attending 3+ classes per week)

Two month commitment / $270 (save 10%)

Three month commitment / $382.50 (save 15%)

Drop Ins / $25

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Trial Classes

Would you like to try our classes before committing?  You are welcome to attend two class within the same week as a trial.  Fill out the form below and we'll contact you shortly to get you started.  Be sure to check our facebook page to see if we are on week 1 or week 2 of the schedule above.

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Class Consultation

If you'd like to meet privately at ZONED Fitness to discuss your possible participation in our classes before signing up or using a trial, fill out the form below and we'll schedule a consultation.  Consultations are about 20-30 minutes in length. You can also call the studio at (845)-214-0350.

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