ZONED Fitness offers group training unlike any other facility.  GX is our progressive, multi-leveled training program designed to successfully allow all fitness levels to participate in each routine.  If you want one-size-fits-all classes, go to any one of the many cookie cutter gyms and studios out there.  If you want results-driven group training, become a ZONED GX Client today!


All daily GX fitness routines use the ZONED Training Method [ZTM] which creates four zones (or progressive modifications) for each exercise, set and the overall workout.  So, whether you are just getting started or have been training for years, the GX program will appropriately challenge you everyday, producing the results you desire.

Based on the progression of recent workouts, GX routine design will range from strength training to high intensity training.


Additionally, ZONED Fitness offers a first-of-its-kind training tool in Beacon, NY.  Heart rate based training is a great tool to ensure you are getting the most out of each workout.  For more information on our heart rate based training tool, click here.


All workouts are designed or scheduled to be 45 minutes in length.  Clients may extend the length of their workout in the "open" sessions if they choose.  Open means the session is an hour and 45 minute block in which clients can arrive anytime in the first hour and complete the daily workout before the end of the session.  Clients are asked to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of any 45 minute session.

All clients will be registered through and must pay using our MINDBODY software.


Current clients see new rate info at the studio


Enroll in a GX Foundations Course to be prepared for your GX experience.  Click here to learn more, it's free!

GX Rates


GX Session Packages (through Feb)

There are three GX packages to choose from.  Each expires 30 DAYS FROM PURCHASE, so select what you'll use.  Purchased packages do not extend beyond expiration, no exceptions.  Packages can be purchased below or at ZONED Fitness.  All members will receive a MINDBODY account through which they can sign up for daily workouts and monitor their package usage.

Click to enroll in a GX Foundations Course (free)

5 GX Workouts / $80 (best if working out once per week)

10 GX Workouts / $120 (best if working out twice per week)

Unlimited GX Workouts / $150 (best if working out 3-5 times per week)

Drop Ins / $25

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GX Consultation

If you'd like to meet privately at ZONED Fitness to discuss your possible participation in our GX program before signing up or enrolling in a foundations course, fill out the form below and we'll schedule a consultation.  Consultations are about 20-30 minutes in length. You can also call the studio at (845)-214-0350.

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A staff member will call you to set up your consultation. We will also call or text your cell phone to confirm your trial session the night before or the day of your trial.