New to ZONED Fitness?  Join with one or more friends and each will receive 25% off the three month GX package.

This is a one time enrollment to get you and your friends focused and committed to your fitness goals.  The likelihood of success greatly increases when training with a friend or spouse.

To learn more about the GX (group training) program, click here.

Your enrollment options are two sessions per week (total of 26 sessions) or unlimited sessions for three months.


To enroll:

1)  Use the form below to let us know you and your friend(s) will be enrolling.

2)  Select an option below after filling out the form.

3)  Have your friend(s) visit this page, choose an option below and complete their enrollment prior to your first GX session.

*Note, you and your friends do not need to attend the same GX sessions.  You can also select different enrollment options (2x week or unlimited sessions).

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