Our Interview with Flavia


What was life like before becoming a client? Prior to joining Zoned(HVF), I was at home with my 2 daughters.

At the time you enrolled, were you already exercising? What was your previous background in fitness? Before I was just running when time permitted.


What originally prompted you to seek out HVF/ZONED? I had honestly been intrigued by zoned for a while and always wanted to stop in - but never made the time to do it. I immediately loved the challenge of the workouts.

What was your goal when you originally signed up? My goal was to discover a different form of exercising.
I have always exercised to feel good. For me it has never been looking for a certain result - it’s about the post workout feeling that allows me to focus on my family while being happy at the same time.


Why was this goal important? I think physical activity is crucial for me every single day.

What were the top 1-2 things that held you back from achieving your goal? The challenges are always finding the time and making it a routine.


How did you originally hear about HVF/ZONED? Living in Beacon, I’d passed the studio many times, and was intrigued by the classes that were taking place inside.

What challenges have you overcome and struggled with that kept you from progressing faster with your goals? Zoned fitness has motivated me to be more consistent with my training.

Thank you Flavia for being an amazing member of the ZONED family! Continue to work hard!