The GX12 is the perfect blend of group training and personal coaching found in the PT program.

For many, simply attending group training sessions will not be enough to reach their goal.  Working out is just one element required to be successful.  The GX12 program gives clients the organized training found in the GX sessions, plus everything below.

  • 12 weeks of structured fitness and nutrition
  • 45 minute private initiation session for new members
  • Unlimited GX sessions
  • Individualized GX session progressions
  • Individualized weekly training plan
  • Individualized nutrition guidance and tracking
  • Daily coaching and accountability
  • Regular assessments / online support
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee

To be successful in the GX12 program, you must be 100% committed to doing what's necessary everyday.  Your goal and the reasons for achieving that goal must be a top priority in your life.

Once the 12 week program concludes, you can enroll in our GX sessions and use the knowledge gained in the GX12 program to continue  your success.  You may also enroll in another GX12 and stay laser focused on your goal.


GX12 enrollment: $350 per month for three months

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