The training system you’ve been looking for is now available to Hudson Valley residents!

  • You can’t find time to workout

  • You lack motivation and accountability

  • You continue to “try” things and never have a solid plan

  • You understand the importance of living a healthier life for you and your family

  • You’re tired of being tired

  • You want to feel good and look good again

  • You just need something that works and you’ll stick to


Unlike “online” personal training services, with Hybrid PT you are working with a real personal trainer through an actual fitness studio which has been helping clients achieve their goals since 2008. The only difference between private PT and Hybrid PT is you will perform your workouts on your own at your convenience, but we’re with you every step of the way!

ZONED Fitness (formerly Hudson Valley Fitness) is a personal training service that began working with clients in their homes in 2003. Five years later the first HVF studio opened in Beacon. Today, HVF is now ZONED Fitness and continues to change the lives of local residents.

Our nearly two decades of training experience and the convenience of Hybrid PT makes this the perfect fitness program for you. Click here to hear from a few of our clients.

Time Management


It’s an excuse as old as exercise itself, “I don’t have time to workout”. We can assure you in fact you do have time. You’re just not planning correctly. Our system is built around the convenience of your schedule.

Yes, you may need to limit your Netflix binging, but if your fitness goals truly are as important as they should be, plenty of time will be found.


Sticking to anything can be tough, especially a new fitness routine. When beginning a new program you’re changing old habits, some of which can be hard to break. That’s why any fitness system you use must have a solid accountability component.

With Hybrid PT you are given tools to ensure daily accountability to your program. One tool we use with our clients to ensure they remain focused on their program is our activity tracker. Not only does this tracker provide an effort point system, but it allows us to see if you have worked out, for how long and at what intensity. You can no longer simply say you did your workout, now you must show that you did it! This tool has greatly increased the accountability for all clients, especially our remote Hybrid PT clients.


The MyZone activity trackers are a one time purchase of $69, which is not included in the Hybrid PT enrollment rates. To learn more about the tracker, click here.

Additionally, we are in regular (if not daily) communication to ensure adherence to our plan. Hybrid PT offers many hacks and tricks that we’ve used over the years to keep our clients focused. As a Hybrid PT client, you’ll remain accountable to your program and goals!


Motivation comes in many forms. For some it’s their “why”. Why achieving a health and fitness goal is ultimately important (their children, their family, their future, their appearance, etc). Sometimes that’s all that’s needed to remain focused. For others, an additional source of motivation is needed.

At ZONED Fitness we have created a tool that keeps our clients moving forward even when they don’t want to. This tool is call the ZONED Games! In the Games, clients (whether private, group or Hybrid) compete for prizes, but the true motivator is the games are team competitions. So, not only are you accumulating points for yourself with each workout, but you’re earning for your team as well. Knowing others are counting on your physical efforts will keep you moving, guaranteed, even on the days you’d rather sit on the couch. So, add some fun to your fitness and join a community of individuals just like you, ready to help you stay focused!


Participation in the Games in optional but highly recommended. To learn more about the ZONED Games, click here.

The Hybrid PT Training System

Hybrid PT succeeds by combining convenience with individualized and customized fitness programs while helping the client remain focused.

Rather than saying you need to be at this place at this time to get the exercise component of your training program in, with Hybrid we say what are the best times for you to train today, this week and next week? Your program is build around your available times and the places you’ll exercise (home, local gym, hotel gym, vacation house, etc). By doing this we immediately eliminate the biggest hurdle (and let’s be honest, biggest excuse) most people struggle with when participating in a fitness program.

Once we solve the time hurdle, Hybrid PT tools help you remain accountable and motivated every day.

Now enters the Training System!

Your Hybrid PT program is fully customized for you, based on your current fitness level, your training location(s) and where your progressions will take you. No cookie cutter, Instagram routines here.

Hybrid PT customized fitness programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Strength Training

  • Flexibility Routines

  • Corrective Exercises

  • Core Training

  • Weight Loss

  • Athletic Conditioning

  • High Intensity Training

  • Boot Camp Style Routines

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Meal Planning

  • Nutritional Supplementation

  • Activity and Sports

  • Micro Programs (when time is very limited)

  • Aerobic Routines / Running Progressions

So, whether your are…

  • Just getting started

  • Never exercised before

  • Need to learn how to train properly at home

  • Workout regularly but are stuck in a rut

  • Have injuries or health issues that require special attention

  • Have an extremely busy schedule and need help

…Hybrid PT is the perfect fitness program for YOU!

How Hybrid PT works

Step #1

If you are ready to start your Hybrid PT program you can either book a consultation to learn more or sign up immediately at the bottom of this page.

Step #2

Book your assessment session. In the assessment session you will visit ZONED Fitness where we’ll discuss the direction your program and prepare you for the first two weeks.

Because your program is specific to you, there is no one answer as to what to expect over the first two weeks. Depending on where you are on your fitness journey, your first two weeks may include a little exercise training or a lot. You may focus heavily on nutrition or you may simply journal your eating habits to see where the issues are. The program created will be the best possible program for you.

Step #3

This is the simple part…just follow the program! Do everything that is asked. Communicate will us regularly. Have a question, ask. Need clarification on an exercise, reach out. Track what you’re asked to track. If you decide to participate in the Games, stay committed to your team and engage with the community.

Step #4

Schedule and attend your biweekly progression meetings at ZONED Fitness. In these 30 minute appointments we’ll decide where you are going over the next two weeks and make sure you are moving toward your goals as expected.


To sign up as a Hybrid PT client you can either…

  1. Book a consultation below held at ZONED Fitness OR

  2. Enroll below and get started immediately.


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