Our Interview with Jane


What originally prompted you to seek out HVF/ZONED?

I remember my very first class like it was yesterday. I had walked by the studio one summer day when I noticed the HIIT class. I thought it looked like fun so I “popped in” for a class. I was both anxious and excited to add something new into my workout regimen. But once I did …WOW… I feel in love!

What was your goal when you signed up?

At that time I didn’t really have any specific goals. I was a NEWBIE in the Triathlon world doing Sprint Triathlons (¼ m swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run). I was doing a little swimming, biking, running and having fun. But that changed quickly!!


Tell us more about that!

I usually left races without staying for the awards ceremony. I would always go home and get the results once they were posted. Toward the end of the season I noticed my results had improved and I was finishing top 3 of my age bracket!...and to think I was leaving without my award! I couldn’t get enough of Hudson Valley Fitness; I love the classes, the people, and what it is doing to my body. I am getting stronger and leaner and having so much fun in the process. Once that Tri season is over I dedicate my winter (off-season) to the studio. I have dedicated every season to HVF/ZONED since the first! … And I keep coming back for more!

You have been a dedicated member for years.  What are your current goals?

My ultimate goal is to be as strong, lean and fit as I can be! I strive every day to be self-disciplined in all I do. Every year I set new race goals and strive to reach new limits. My work at the studio is closely linked to my life as a Triathlete. I believe the work I do with Keith is the foundation. We work closely to plan our workouts around my training/race schedule.


How have you changed as a triathlete since you started with HVF/ZONED?

It has been such a fun journey and it has been fueled by the strength I’ve gotten from HVF! I have gone from racing short distance races to completing my first full distance IRONMAN last summer! 140 miles of swimming, biking and running! I like the longer distance events. I love the training and am amazed at what the body can do. I have learned so much about the triathlon sport, fueling/ nutrition, training schedule, recovery, injury!! When I started it was a different kind of fun; I rode a mountain bike, matched my race day shirt with a friend and had no idea what padded bike shorts where. I saw the other participants setting up their transitions and just thought they were OUT of their MIND! But…THIS is me today!! I am one of those people and I love it!

What does your training week look like?

During the season I will aim to swim/run/bike 3x a week. I will train with Keith 2-3x a week focusing on strength and conditioning. Try to get a Hot Yoga class in once a week. I train early mornings. I am usually ready to go by 5:15am. I will get to ZONED in the evenings. Off Season I will be in the studio training 4 times a week.


What are some challenges you face with training?

Having a good balance in life is important and always a work in progress. For the most part balancing my training is a fun challenge. At this point training is just a part of my life and I will find a way to make it fit.

Injury has also been a challenge and where Keith and HVF/Zoned have been very influential. I have had meniscus surgery in both knees since I began racing. I battled a back issue, Lyme disease, and a metatarsal tear in my toe. Then there is always those other little tweaks that endurance athletes will just deal with. I am learning that a lot of this goes with the territory. Keith has been a key to my success in recovery. He is incredibly patient and has been able to modify my training through this all. He is also a very good listener! Thank you!!

What have you liked most about training at HVF/ZONED?

I always say that HVF has been the best gift I’ve ever given myself. I’ve met amazing people, every workout is a little different yet challenging. It’s a non-threatening environment where all levels of training can happen which I love! It makes me happy to meet people who want to work out! Keith always has a new challenge for us to do! Striving to make us better!  Bring on summer 2018!!


We know you have been training hard and it's race season.  What are your 2018 race plans?

I just had my first event on May 20th. It was the American Zofigen which is a Duathlon up at Mohonk/Minnewaska. It was a 5 mile run..28 mile bike..5 mile run..28mile bike..5 mile run.(about 70miles) It was a very hilly bike and run course. The run was a trail run which is very new to me. Super challenging but so much fun!

In July I will head up to Lake Geneva with some Beacon Endurance Teammates and race a race called MUSSELMAN. It is half Ironman which is a total of 70.3 miles. (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1mile run) I will then end my season with a race I’ve looked at for a few years and finally was able to go for it! It’s called the SOS…Survival if the Shawangunks. It is an 8 legged event. Starts with a 30 mile bike, 4.5 mile run, 1.1 mile swim, 5.5 mile run, half mile swim, 8 mile run, half mile swim and then a .7 mile run UP to the Mohonk tower. You are basically swimming and running from Minnewaska to Mohonk.  The fun part…you swim with your sneakers…and run with your goggles and cap!  YES I said FUN!!

Where would you be if you hadn't started with HVF/ZONED?

I have no idea!! I don’t even think about it because I’m so grateful I have found something to be so passionate about in life!


Thank you Jane for being an amazing and inspiring member of the HVF & ZONED family!  We are all in awe of your tremendous dedication and drive.  Keep it up!