Our Interview with Kristin


1. What was life like before becoming a client of ZONED?: I am a busy small business owner and travel frequently for my work. I’m also a mom to a wonderful 5 year old. Between my family and work responsibilities I am usually on a tight schedule which can often lead to stress and anxiety. I have always tried to find ways to incorporate physical activity in my regular daily life - like walking to the office or my daughter school.

2. At the time you enrolled, were you already exercising? What was your previous background in fitness?: Yes. Part of my daily routine for many years has been to exercise daily. I have a treadmill which I set up in my office and I would run plus abdominals / legs / arms. But with the limited physical space I was working out in - these extras beyond running were not very much.

In January I saw a doctor about what I thought was chronic arthritis pain in my ankle and discovered that I had a non-union stress fracture of my navicular bone.

My doctor told me that one day surgery would be required to repair the joint - but that if I modified my activity (ie eliminate running) I would improve the health of the joint and be able to postpone invasive surgery for the foreseeable future. So in January of 2018 I stopped my running routine and would walk hills on the treadmill.

After these workouts I was left feeling unchallenged, sore in the ankle, and was looking for something more intensive that I could still do.

3. What originally prompted you to seek out ZONED?: I had honestly been intrigued by zoned for a while and always wanted to stop in - but never made the time to do it because I had my routine and was healthy.

After I realized I had an injury i contacted Keith to come in for a preliminary consultation.

I immediately loved the challenge of the workouts.

4. What was your goal when you originally signed up?: My goal was to discover a different form of exercising than what I had been doing for so long. To find a way to get that same endorphin rush that I used to get from running without hurting myself.

I have always exercised to feel good. For me it has never been looking for a certain result - it’s about the post workout feeling that allows me to focus on my family and business responsibilities — while being happy at the same time.


5. Why was this goal important?: This goal was important because I had to find another way to workout because my injury required it. I think physical activity is crucial for me every single day.

I have rheumatoid arthritis so it is very important that I move everyday to keep my joints healthy and strong.

After being at zoned for a short time - I realized that I had missed out on all these other great forms of exercise that I had never tried or done with regularity.

6. How long had you had this goal?: It has always been my goal to be physically active every day. But to find new ways to exercise — well the injury forced my hand in January. But I’m so glad it did!

7. What were the top 1-2 things that held you back from achieving your goal?: The challenges are always — finding the time — and — making it a routine — while traveling so frequently for work.

This for me meant making my workout times a priority — waking up earlier / scheduling my work around this when I could.

8. What had you tried to get to your goal before?: I used to run instead of eating lunch at the office and then rush through my lunch or sometimes just skip lunch completely. (I know— no wonder why I got injured!)

9. Were you more driven to solve a problem or achieve a goal?: Yes I was definitely driven to achieve a high intensity workout without hurting myself. This was a real motivator for me. But I would also say that Keith and all the zoners made it so much more fun. I really appreciate the suggestions and support and so that definitely motivated me to workout better - eat better - sleep better — think about all of it.


10. How did you originally hear about ZONED?: Walking down the street!

11. How were you feeling about your goal at that time you enrolled?: I was worried that I’d end up not being able to do the exercises because I’d injure myself further. I’m so grateful to have zoned — where I can modify the exercises and still get an intense workout.

12. What have you liked best about working with ZONED?: I don’t know where to begin honestly.
Keith - for support and encouragement AND for keeping the workouts so varied challenging and fun.
Finding a whole new way of doing something that I had been doing my entire adult life. AND feeling so much better — healthy stronger happier and more committed than ever before
I was never a person that did classes before - but these are different. There’s a comradery with everyone - it’s and individual workout but everyone is very supportive and kind. I really do appreciate that.

13. What challenges have you overcome and struggled with that kept you from progressing faster with your goals?: Fear of injury. I am starting now after a few months to push my limits a bit but I really just want to keep my routine and challenge myself incrementally.

14. How did you overcome them?: Slowly. Step by step! Still working on it.


15. What are you most proud of achieving since you started training?: Being open to trying new methods and really truly enjoying them! I feel great better than ever before - having a more holistic approach to fitness for myself and my family as a result.

16. Now that you achieved, or are well on your way to achieving, your goal has your view of yourself changed?: Yes I feel stronger and I can see continuing to improve my training and continue pushing myself.

17. How do you feel about your future?: Excited! I can’t wait to keep learning and trying new things.

18. What else is different about your life since beginning your program?: As a family we have been working together to eat healthier. We started a bit before the April challenge and have continued to do so.

19. Where would you be if you hadn’t started your program at ZONED?: I’m not sure really. I can’t imagine.

20. What would you say to anyone else who might be dealing with similar problems you faced before working with ZONED?: Try it - there is truly something here for everyone. All levels. Be open and enjoy the process. If you’re only ever looking for an ‘end’ result you may just be frustrated. Living healthy is a long term commitment. Making fitness a personal priority, making it a family priority.

Thank you Kristin for placing your trust in ZONED Fitness!  We all wish you the best on your move.  Keep ZONING in Panama!