Personal Training


Personal training at Zoned Fitness is a great option to achieve your fitness goals should:

  • You need or want more personalized attention than our classes can offer.
  • You have a special limitation due to an injury or medical condition.
  • You have a specific goal and want to reach that goal as quickly as possible.

All personal training programs use the proprietary ZONED Training Method to safely and correctly design and advance a client's program.

Clients are encouraged to use our heart rate based training tool, the MYZONE MZ-3 fitness tracker, during all training at and away from ZONED Fitness.  Some personal training packages include the MZ-3 belt.  Visit the ZONED Store to learn more about the MZ-3.


Whether this is your first experience with fitness or you've been training for years, our system will get you to your goal.

Personal Training Programs

Should you decide personal training at Zoned Fitness is an option you'd like to explore, use the form below to contact ZF or call the studio at (845) 214-0350.  You will be contacted within one business day to set up a complimentary, no-pressure consultation.

Option #1

ZONED Body Transformation

Ready to get serious about your fitness goal?  Welcome to the Zoned Body Transformation program, a 12-week commitment to changing your body, your fitness, your health and your life!

This program is only for the individual that can commit to at least 12 weeks of zoned training, zoned nutrition and zoned living.  Staying committed will allow you to successfully move through your individualized progressions without interruption or regression.

Commitment + Consistency = RESULTS

Zoned Body Transformation is also open to couples (friends) at no additional cost.  Success can be dramatically higher when working side by side with another individual with similar goals.

Additional benefits:

  1. If you commit to the ZBT, you will receive an unlimited class package for the length of your program ($450 value)
  2. MYZONE MZ-3 belt included ($60 value) learn more



Two sessions per week: $1500 [$62.50 per session]

Three sessions per week: $2160 [$60 per session]

Payment plan available: 50% at sign up, 50% week 4

All ZBT payments must be made at Zoned Fitness.

Option #2

ZONED Personal Training

We understand not everyone that wants to participate in personal training has the resources or availability to sign up for the ZBT.  ZONED Personal Training delivers the same zoned training, zoned nutrition and zoned living services, without committing to 12 consecutive weeks.

ZONED Personal Training clients must strive to limit interruptions in training.

Packages of ZONED Personal Training

3-Sessions: $225 [$75 per session] expires in 3 weeks

10-Sessions: $690 [$69 per session] expires in 8 weeks

20-Sessions: $1250* [$62.50 per session] expires in 16 weeks

50-Sessions:  $2900* [$58 per session] expires in 6 months

*Includes a MYZONE MZ-3 fitness tracker belt (learn more)

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