*Exclusive offer for new ZONED clients through the end of July.  Ten personal training sessions for $499.  Package expires two months from purchase.  Contact ZONED for more information and availability.*


Our personal training program is a great option to achieve your fitness goals should:

  • You need or want more personalized attention than our GX program can offer.
  • You have a special limitation due to an injury or medical condition.
  • You have a specific goal and want to reach that goal as quickly as possible.
  • You can fully commit to your training program.

ZONED Body Transformation

Ready to get serious about your fitness goal?  Welcome to the Zoned Body Transformation System, a three, six or 12 month commitment to changing your body, your fitness, your health and your life!

Based on your individualized goal, you can expect a varying level of participation in:

  • Personal training sessions with your ZONED Trainer
  • Nutrition
  • Training on your own (possibly GX sessions)
  • Lifestyle changes

Our personal training programs begin at three months because most fitness goals require at least three months to see real and lasting results.  Some goals will take six or twelve months (sometimes more) to be achieved.

We don't believe in quick fixes, empty promises or fads, just real fact-based training programs.  Commit to the process and the results will happen.

Commitment + Consistency = RESULTS

Personal training is also open to couples (friends) for a small increase in cost (lower per individual).  Success can be dramatically higher when working side by side with someone with similar goals.

Program commitment levels


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