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Maureen C.


I started working with Keith after I lost my first pregnancy at 17 weeks- I had gained a tremendous amount of weight and was feeling very frustrated and at my wits end. Keith originally started coming to my house doing personal sessions and then we moved to his first studio on Main Street continuing with the one on one personal sessions.
After Keith moved into his current studio, he told me about the boot camp classes that he was going to be starting. While I loved the one on one sessions, I was excited to try a new type of class.
Shortly after I became pregnant with my daughter and continued doing classes with Keith for the first few months of my pregnancy. While I did not gain as much weight with the second pregnancy, I still had quite a bit left on me from the first pregnancy. Once I got the all clear from my doctor I was ready to go full force. I started back again with personal sessions and then moved to the Boot Camp classes. In approximately nine months I was down 75 lbs. Keith has always been there for me whenever I have questions regarding weight loss or fitness and he introduced me to AdvoCare (which I love).

Kathy S.


From day one, I felt included and comfortable. I enjoy Keith, the instructor/owner so much - he's extremely knowledgeable, patient and keeps you motivated. Classes are well structured, extremely versatile, never the same, day after day - Keith has so many variations, I "feel" like I've never done the same routine in the 4yrs I've been there! He mixes it up so much that it's always a surprise and interesting, so you don't get "bored". One of my favorite things about Keith is from the day I joined until today, I love his main quote, "Keep Moving" - whatever pace, just keep moving, that needs no explanation, it's perfect.

Mike M.


Having now been with HVF (ZONED Fitness) consecutively for almost two years, i can enthusiastically say that this is the best program I have ever been involved with -- and can easily see myself sticking with this for years to come. The classes are challenging, but also smartly constructed. In the beginning, i could really feel the results. A 45 minutes class and i was gassed, but after a great workout. Now looking back, what used to be really tough is now easier and I'm pushing myself to new thresholds, and I still feel like I got a good tough workout. Not to scare anyone, because you can go at your own speed -- and I certainly did on many days. But it is very accessible. I also have not suffered any injuries and have been able to consistently attend sometimes four classes a week, but usually it's more like two or three.

Karen D.

Well when I Joined I started at 2 days a week. It was perfect to ease into a different exercise program. All the exercise can be done by anyone and you can do different ones if you have any injury or for some reason can't do it. After a couple of months I noticed my core becoming stronger and my flabby arms getting better! I really liked the format as you really can push yourself as hard as you want. Keith is very subtle in how he pushes you but encourages you along the way. I wasn't losing much weight but honestly didn't change my eating habits. In Feb I tried the 3 week AdvoCare cleanse and it gave me the start I needed to Change my eating habits that I am still doing today. I cut out my daily Mountain Dew and potato chips at lunch and keep my sugars and breads to a minimum. I have lost 15 lbs since I started and just reached my goal weight. I have become stronger, more energetic and don't have as many aches and pains as before. However, the best part is with my change of diet my cholesterol is much better! I was on the verge of going on medication last year and now I'm back to a normal range. The amazing thing is I only started doing classes 3 days a week about 2 months ago so for only working out twice a week, walking my dogs every day and changing some of my eating habits for 6 months I got the results I wanted. People have noticed also which is always nice.

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