Proper nutrition, when broken down to it's basic form, can be easy to understand and follow.  Unfortunately, our society's definition of nutrition has been destroyed beyond recognition and the endless diets and fads are overwhelming.

The goal of ZONED Eating is to educate you on proper nutrition and how to make simple changes on a regular basis until your nutrition is supporting your fitness efforts.

The ZONED Eating program is open to all fitness class members and personal training clients, free of charge!  Below is an overview of our process with greater details provided to those who sign up for services.




You can't fix a problem until you know what the problem is.  The ZONED Eating program begins with an assessment of your current diet and habits.


After your nutrition issues are identified, simple changes will begin.  Understanding that drastic changes often lead to failure, the ZONED Eating program ensures success by focusing on continued small changes.


Although simple changes can make sticking to a new nutrition plan easier, success will only come from committing to the program.  Continual support from the ZONED staff and community will increase your chances of commitment.


Just like fitness training, nutrition programs see a greater level of success when participating in a larger community.  ZONED Fitness provides a platform for all members to communicate providing support, tips, recipes and more.