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Games Details

The ZONED Games is the ultimate fitness motivational and accountability tool to help participants focus on their program and achieve their goals.

Each month, four or more teams of up to 15 members compete in a MEPs game to be crowned champion. Additionally, ZONED will award an MVP (of each team) and the most improved participant (over the previous month). All winners will receive monthly prizes.

A live leaderboard will be available here.

In order to participate in the Games you must be affiliated with ZONED Fitness as one of the following:

  1. Personal training client

  2. Group training member

  3. Hybrid PT client

  4. Exclusive games member

If you are not yet affiliated with ZONED Fitness, scroll down to learn more. Please join at least a few days before the first of the month to allow for team enrollment.

Please Note: All participants must have a MyZone fitness tracker connected to ZONED Fitness. Allow 5-7 business days to receive your tracker once you place your order. MyZone trackers through ZONED Fitness are offered at $69 (MSRP $150), plus shipping. You may pick up your tracker at ZONED Fitness in Beacon to save on shipping.

About MyZone Tracker

The MyZone tracker is a chest strap (belt) that accurately records your heart rate during physical activity. The belt connects to the MyZone app and the TV display at ZONED Fitness. If you are not a ZONED Fitness client or member, your workout information must be upload through the app.

When exercising it is not necessary to leave the app open or to be within reach of your phone. The belt will store up to 16 hours of data which can then be uploaded using the app once your workout / hike / run / bike / sport / etc is complete.

The app will display all previous workouts and breakdown the effort for each. Participants can connect will their teammates and all other games competitors.


About MEPs

MEPS, or myzone effort points, is a scoring system used to track an individuals aerobic effort during a workout or other physical activity.

All individuals have a maximum heart rate training level (100%) which is calculated using their age. From 50% to 100%, users receive 1 to 4 points per minute within a certain zone. The graphic below highlights the points earned per minute.

One of the great things about the MEPs scoring system is it levels the playing field for all participants. Users that are new to fitness or haven’t worked out in a while will achieve a higher number of points in less time than someone who is in better physical condition. Simply put, if you’re out of shape, your heart rate will climb and maintain a higher level with less effort than someone who needs to push themselves to get above 70 or 80 percent.

So, if you are just getting started, DO NOT think you won’t be able to contribute adequately to the team. The fact is, you’ll likely be a top point earner for the team if you simply exercise on a regular basis.


The Teams


Teams will consist of no more than 15 participants and remain as balanced as possible. When someone new joins (free agent) they will be added to the team with the least number of participants. If all teams have an equal number of members, the team that came in last place the previous month will receive that free agent.

If all teams hit the maximum of 15 members, the next month a new color (team) will be added to the league and a new draft will occur, meaning everyone will randomly be placed on a team (new or the same) for the next month’s game.

A free agent can join a team once the month has started only if that team is short a member.

Teams are encouraged to build excitement among their members through support / communication, team events / get-togethers, internal incentives, and more.

 Already a ZONED Client or Member? Join by filling out this form or contacting Keith.

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Not a ZONED Client or Member? Here’s how you can join the games.

  1. Become a Private Personal Training Client (limited availability)

  2. Join the Group Training Classes

  3. Become an Hybrid PT Client (personal training and coaching at a fraction of the private training cost)

  4. Join as an Exclusive Games Member - Learn more below

Exclusive Games Membership

If your current fitness routine is missing motivation and accountability, the EG Membership may be the perfect addition to your current fitness program, no matter where you train.

As an Exclusive Games Member, you are eligible to participate in the Games without being a ZONED Fitness client or member. You will be placed on a team and have access to all team communication and outside functions. You are eligible for all prizes and gifts. Basically, you are a full games participant without any other ZONED Fitness affiliation. The Exclusive Games Membership is $29 per month, cancel anytime. After joining you will begin participation on the 1st day of the next month’s games unless a team is in need of a member. Be sure to sign up as early as possible to secure your spot!

Initial payment of $98 includes first month and MyZone belt. All following months are $29.

Payment of $29 per month.

Members: $69 Non-members: $99


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